Progress Report

To: Sandy Jensen

From: Brandon Dixon

Date: May, 2016

Subject: Proposal Project Progress Report



This report highlights the value of sending the Blended Barber College students to the Las Vegas International Beauty Show (IBS) at the Las Vegas Convention Center held in May and June. IBS is a real event that is held in multiple places throughout the year, and gathering factual information has not been a problem. Covered in my report is the cosmetology and business education we will receive for attending, the cost, and industry professionals who are scheduled to speak, and the workshops offered. I wanted to make this report personalized to the barber college I chosen, so I did not add information about hair extensions, nail technology, and body paint. These are typically offered at a IBS event as well. Ultimately, developing our students to be great barbers, yet better people is the goal at Blended Barber College, and IBS will help accomplishing that.

Facts and Discussion:

A complete report requires thorough research, attention to detail, and the content to be clearly communicated. For each past report I have enlisted relevant professionals for information pertaining to the assigned project. This step has been planned for this proposal but has not been completed. However, I have researched numerous cosmetology shows offered around the country. The IBS in Las Vegas contains more than 20,000 salon owners, managers and beauty professionals that will helps builds our students careers and increase their skills. A problem that could arise is ensuring the safe transportation for all students and the method of payment to attend. There are options for solving these issues and I look forward to resolving them.


Overall, the proposal is on track and I should be finalizing it this week. I have already done a solid draft and receiving help and guidance from my peers should make the work much better.


The readers and audience of the proposal project are the board members of the barber college. They have the authority to allocate funds, approve proposals, and provide logistics for any request associated with Blended Barber College. Thus, it is my job to be thorough in my research and provide them with the most complete, value-based assessment of relevant beauty shows so that they can make the best decision. Based on what IBS has to offer, it would be in the best interest of the students, teachers, and the barber college to send us to the event. To ensure the board the funds are wisely spent, the teachers and students could provide a detailed report of what was learn upon our return.

Project Proposal

To: Blended Barber College Board

From: Brandon Dixon, Co-Instructor

Date: May 26, 2016

Subject: Proposal Project for the International Beauty Show

The International Beauty Show in Las Vegas
                      The International Beauty Show in Las Vegas


Blended Barber College Board,

I am writing to you in response to your request for students to attend cosmetology shows. This is a proposal for our school to attend the International Beauty Show (IBS) at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Contained in this proposal I have outlined areas of relevance and answered:

  • Why this show?
  • Business education
  • Skill development
  • Speakers
  • Attendees
  • Cost of Attendance
  • Workshops and classes for all levels



There used to be a time when barbers and stylist had to make sure their haircuts and styles matched their client’s facial structure. It was considered inappropriate or shunned for a women to shave half her head and where it as a style. Or, shaving lines into a man’s head was a form of rebellion instead of perceived as creativity. Today trends have changed. These new styles are a must-know for barbers and stylist. People are expressing their unique personalities, and it is our job as a barber college, to refresh our skills, reinvent our thinking, and properly serve our students to be better prepared for employment upon completion of our program.

Why This Beauty Show?

The International Beauty Show of Las Vegas and the Las Vegas Convention Center is a 3-day, once a year opportunity. Here, was can learn from and interact with more than 20,000 salon owners, managers, and industry professionals. These people are there to grow our understanding of today’s business, extend new possibilities to our students, and offer insights from both a new businesses perspective and veteran industry leaders. IBS does this through their 350-plus exhibitors that line the show floor and more than 100 classes and workshops to choose from

The Entrance Hall, Our Next Chapter
          The Entrance Hall, Our Next Chapter 

All workshops and exhibitors cannot occupy the main stages in a three day period. So, the main stages are typically reserved for speakers and few style demonstrations. The real educational sessions are taught through the countless scattered booths around the whole arena. For a visual, here is the floor layout for the 2016 event.

The International Beauty Show Las Vegas Floor Plan, 2016
    The International Beauty Show Las Vegas Floor Plan, 2016




The show will be from June 27-30, 2016. Each day attendees can choose which educational events they would like to attend, which speakers they want to hear from, and at what times. Below is an example of a one-day schedule we are likely to expect on the main stage.


The Glorified Main Stage
             The Main Stage Master Class

Day One Main Stage:

Time Slot



8am Vick Damone Master Class
9am Greg Anderson Product knowledge
10am-12pm Dave Diggs How to Grow Your Business
12pm-1pm Intermission Intermission
1pm Ivan “Clipper Guy” Zoot Industry Ethics
2pm Kelly Peal Lashes and Hair Extensions
3pm-5pm Keynote 1 Ted Gibson Up-Close and Personal Master Class


A Booth Exhibit
                        A Booth Exhibit  

Please keep in mind these are professionals who are scheduled to speak on the main stage. At any time, we may attend other smaller booths and explore exhibits where we can immerse ourselves in various technique development. These numerous small areas can be seen on the floor plan.




Pricing and Cost:

The event is held for 3-days in which we will receive the full exhibition. However, we can opt to purchase a one-day and two-day ticket. This will be cheaper than the three-day. Also, by purchasing now Blended Barber College can save up to 20% with the early bird special. The VIP ticket allows us free drinks, food, and master classes presented by industry leaders. Here is the pricing system:

Ticket Type Early Bird (ends 6/12) Regular Ticket Price
One Day $40 $50
Two Day $80 $100
Three Day $120 $150
VIP Full Service $240 $300

Blended Barber College currently enrolls 10 students and 2 instructors. Ideally, we will all travel together via a plane and stay in the same hotel once we are in Las Vegas. This will help to ensure safety for all of our students. We are asking the college board to approve for us to use the Freedom fund to finance our trip. The current procedure allows the board to approve funds where they see fit, and to replenish the amount when possible. Historically, we have done this with fundraisers such as car washes and barbecues.

To estimate the cost we have included a table with the proper allocations.The college will be closed for the three days we are attending this event. We will not lose any money during the closure for the college students pay tuition by quarter.

What to Purchase Cost Percent Allocation
Plane Ticket

(round trip)

$1,584 22

(3-day regular)

$1,440 20
Food $1,500 21

(Hilton Grand-7 rooms)

$1,512 21


$1,200 16
Totals: 7,236 100% worth it.


Target Classes for Our College:

In our annual report for 2015, the instructor and student feedback section highlighted our needs associated with students technique development and business operations. Luckily, there are many classes at IBS that will help us in these areas. The price is the same since they are included in the overall event. Also, contained in last months feasibility report,  Blended Barber College invested into new tools for our students such as clippers and trimmers. While the clippers and trimmers provide physical tools for cutting a clients hair,  IBS will provide modern instruction for giving a great haircut, and knowledge for the instructors to pass on this information to future students. It is a win-win.

Business Education Teachers:

Jon Gonzales, Building and Growing a Successful Business


Gonzales has over 43 years of industry experience and business knowledge. He is an author, lecturer, and founder of the University of Educational Excellence for Beauty Professionals. Widely known in the United Stated and Canada, His motto is for his listeners to reach a higher degree of excellence personally, professionally, and financially. Against trial and error, Jon is acclaimed for being practical, understandable, and cost-effective.



Jes “Rusty Blades” Sutton, Barbertology


Jes will discuss the history of barbering, developing appreciation for the trade in each individual barber. He has 25 years of experience in operating barber colleges that has taken his around the world. This is our primarily speaker for continuing to build Blended Barber College.




Technique Development

Dave Diggs, Creating Masterpieces


In this class, we will learn how to use Andis products to complete all haircuts, and enhance our business through the Andis professional image. As a bonus he will discuss clipper maintenance and performance.





DJ Riggs & Berry Bachen, Ahead of the Trend Experience


These two “industry movers” will discuss and demonstrate modern, trendy hairstyles. They will be at IBS to offer forecast for future trends as well, and instruction for cuts, styles, color, and overall beauty.






The International Beauty Show is fun in its approach and educational throughout. I do not believe there is another show that in comparable in opportunity and pricing. Being ancient in our styles and thinking is leading us to digress as a premier barber college. If you are looking for elite professionals for our students and teachers to learn from, network with local contacts, and a modest price, than the International Beauty Show is where we should invest for our college.

Feasibility Report

Feasibility Report:

Barber Clipper Line

Durability, Adjust-ability, Cost Effective


From: Brandon Dixon, Barber College, co-Instructor

To: Blended Barber College

Date: April 29, 2016

Subject: Feasibility report comparing the durability, adjust-ability, and cost effectiveness of premier clipper lines.


Executive Summary:

After thorough research into the most recommended barber clippers and communication with their company manufacturers, I have created a report highlighting relevant clipper information, and I have included with my recommendations. Recently, our students have reported issues regarding the durability and sustainability of the clippers in our school, so these combined with cost effectiveness, and performance were my main areas of focus.



Each barber student provides hair cutting services to 20-25 clients daily. Thus, it is essential we provide adequate tools including clippers and trimmers to meet their service needs. Although, the clippers and trimmers we currently use are inexpensive and adjustable, experience has shown they are unreliable with frequent use. This leads to more capital spent in purchases of additional tools. This report examines the leading clipper and trimmer brands in the barber industry and are judged based on durability, adjust-ability, and cost effectiveness. In addition to saving money for the long term by purchasing higher-quality tools, we are also investing into our student population by offering them the tools they need to become elite barbers.

After researching many of the top barber supply companies, I decided our new line would be either Wahl Professional or Andis Company. I believe it to be best for our school to purchase from companies that specialize in hair tools, so that if issues do arise we are able to receive immediate product support. Both Andis and Wahl companies offer many options for clippers and trimmers. In narrowing down my search I looked for clippers that have the most powerful motor, made sure it had top screws that could be used to adjust the clipper, and longevity. After I narrowed down these specifics I then compared pricing to each clipper and then company to company.


Criteria and Evaluation:

There are three areas that the clippers and trimmers had to meet in order to be considered for purchase; durability, adjust-ability, and cost. Each brand I researched offers great clippers, yet it was difficult to find a versatile, performance clipper that has superb durability, adjust-ability and could be purchased at a reasonable cost. The deciding factor was that Andis offers a trimmer that can match the Andis Master in durability. Many trimmers from other lines have great adjust-ability and reasonable cost but tend to breakdown after short periods of time.

The Andis Master all-purpose clipper is a perfect, versatile tool for cutting 20-25 clients a day. It has a v9000 motor which is the most powerful motor available for a magnetic clipper (There are three motor types for clippers: magnetic, pivot, and rotary). Presented by one of the premier professional barbers from Andis, Dave Diggs, here is the Master clipper:

The motor can be easily sped up or slowed down by way of turning a screw on the side of the clipper a quarter turn. In the case the student prefers his cutting blade to be set almost flush for a skin fade (leaving no hair on the sides) then they have the option with either the adjustment level on the side of the clipper or internally inside the clipper. Figure 1 shows an Andis Master clipper.

Figure 1: An Andis Master Magnetic Barber Clipper

Source: Andis Website
Source: Andis Website

To complement this clipper, Andis offers an adjustable T-Outliner trimmer. Here is this elite trimmer presented by Dave Diggs:

Reported by other industry professionals such as Ivan “Clipper Guy” Zoot, and Vick Damone, the T-Outliner is known for lasting over two years with only needing to purchase a new blade after that time period (although it will be more economical to purchase a whole new trimmer. See Criteria and Evaluation section.) Figure 2 shows an Andis T-Outliner.

Figure 2: Andis T-Outliner

Source: Andis Website
Source: Andis Website

The Andis Master can be purchased in bulk for $90.00 and the Andis T-Outliner can be purchased for $45.00 for a total of $135.00 for both. For a pair of clippers and trimmers that meet our criteria this is a reasonable price to pay. Internet websites such as Amazon and Ebay sell clippers at a discount that averages about 50% of the original price from the Andis website.

Table 1 shows the price comparison of Andis Masters and T-Outliner to its leading competitors Wahl and Oster.

Source: Amazon and Ebay


Overview of Alternatives:

Wahl Professional is a brand that specializes in barber and beauty supplies. Their leading, all-purpose clipper preferred by iconic barbers such as Eric Pachino and Vick Damone is the Wahl Senior Clipper and Detailer Trimmer.

The Wahl Senior has a v9000 electromagnetic motor which is the most power among magnetic clippers. Like the Andis Master the Senior has an adjustable side lever enabling the clipper to adjust from a 000 to a 1/8”. The pricing for the Wahl combo is comparable to the Andis. However, with these great aspects the Senior failed the durability test because of its housing. While the Andis Master is housed in aluminum the Senior is housed in plastic.

The second alternative I researched is the Oster 76 Classic and T-Detailer Trimmer. The 76 Classics come with a Rotary motor meaning they have the most powerful motor available among all clippers types. Although this is very intriguing the 76 Classics do not offer the adjustable lever and instead the barber needs to make additional purchases for various blade sizes. When the investment is done one can speed north of $300.00 on this clipper, all its blades, and the trimmer.


After thorough research and direct communication with the leading barber clipper and trimmer manufacturers, it is without reservation I recommend we invest into the magnetic Master Clipper and T-Outline Trimmer from Andis. These tools offer a blend of durability and adjust-ability as well as class, and a professional feel. Although they can be purchased at a slightly above average price the investment will prove its worth in the long-term. Since we will be purchasing our new clippers in bulk, the Andis Master can be purchased for $90.00 apiece and the T-Outliner for $45.00.


Investing into a clipper and trimmer brand that fits our criteria is essential to maintaining a positive cash-flow and continuing progress in our students. The long-term durability alone will offset the initial purchase. The budget we currently spend on clippers and trimmers is unnecessary and could be used toward other school needs.




User Test Report

User Test Report

From: Brandon Dixon, Writing Student

To: Sandy Jensen, Writing Professor

Date: April 21, 2016

Subject: User Test Report for Technical Writing Instructions

Chosen Instruction: How to Expand Your Laceless Shoes or Flats That Fit Too Tight

Image: Courtesy of Life Hacks
Image: Courtesy of Life Hacks                                           An east to follow article “How to Stretch Your Shoes.”



For this assignment I have chosen to do step-by-step instructions for expanding laceless shoes or flats. My target audiences are people who wish to expand their shoes for a more comfortable fit and want to know how to do it with shoes or flats that do not have laces.


For these instructions I hope to help people fit into their tight shoes more comfortably, subsequently saving them time, energy, and possibly money on new or exchange purchases. My instructions include images that are each steps equivalent, a disclaimer that informs the user of permanent outcomes, and a trouble-shooting section for quick fix solutions.


My first draft is similar to my final instructions. It was difficult to receive ample feedback from my peers for the technological glitch from not able to share my Google Doc I spoke to you about in the Moodle email. My Google Doc only allowed me to share with Chemeketa Community College and others with my “permission.” I was not able to change this in the share settings. The testers that were able to get through in time included Meredith Blair and Erin Wood from class, as well as two people I live with, Jonathan and Kyle. After receiving my tester’s feedback I was able to make the changes necessary for reliable instructions.     

Results and Discussion:

All the testers that followed my instructions were able to complete them. My in person testers stated that my instructions were clear, detailed, and able to complete with reasonable effort. There was a concern that the water might have taken longer for other depending on the freezer and therefore I should make a note about the time one may have to wait during this process. I have updated my instructions to include this change and have emphasized this with in red ink.

After watch Meredith’s video I noted an two areas that could be improved.

  1. At times in the video I was a bit too wordy and this can become confusing when attempting to follow instructions. This was improved by using less words and learning how to make a greater impact or expressing more meaning in doing so.
  2. I noticed Meredith had a difficult time getting the frozen Zip Loc bag out of the shoe. I have not found a remedy to make this easier but perhaps loosening the laces could aid in removing the ice.


Writing instructions is very difficult even for some of the simplest task. This will be something I will think about the next time I want to get frustrated when I read instructions that do not match up. Writing instructions requires tremendous attention to detail, time, and thought. Having people test your instructions especially in person helps to identify areas that could use more clarity and thoroughness. Ultimately this was a fun yet educational experience and I am glad to have had I the opportunity.


For any questions or feedback please feel free to email me at


Hello stars over Lane and all Writing 227 peers,

Below I have posted my instructions which I believe you will find educational yet also a lot of fun to execute. Please feel free to try them and let me know how your experience went and what could be improved. I look forward to your feedback. (I am having difficulties so until it is fixed here is a URL to my Google Doc.)

Instructions Google Doc URL:

Brandon’s Instructions

Blog Post Two

To: Fellow Classmates

From: Brandon Dixon

Date: April 8, 2016

Subject: Technical Writing and Life Coaching

The leading Independent life and business coaches rely heavily on technical writing to create websites, write handbooks, utilize social media, and develop power points that are used in both small classes and large seminars. These outlets are ways for coaches to give a voice to their ideas and market themselves in an attractive yet professional manner.

  1. Website: Having an alluring website and social media in the field of coaching serves two purposes. (1) It allows coaches to serve a broader audience (2) while simultaneously marketing their products such as books, videos, and audio sets for a monetary gain. Two coaches who do a great job are far as website design are Brendon Burchard and Tony Robbins.
  2. Handbooks and Power-points: Some of the concepts associated with coaching can be very complex especially when teaching about the       psychological aspect of human behavior and development. In creating the handbooks the coach simplifies their concepts through offering real life examples that are tailored to their target audience.


When a person visits the official websites of Brendon Burchard or Tony Robbins it is because they are looking for a breakthrough. Their level of fulfillment in life is not where they want it to be and they want answers or as tony calls them, strategies designed to improve your life. Each of their websites are slightly different but the tone remains the same; bright colors, smiles, and drawing topics such as “the ultimate edge” and “how to add stunning value and be more influential.” Their authoritative but personal approach is what ultimately grabs my attention and sets these guys and their websites apart from the pack. Can you see the light?



Tony Robbins and Ultimate Fighting Champion Chuck Ladell
Image: Tony Robbins and Ultimate Fighting Champion Chuck Liddell  

“Reach for your light” Immersion Coaching

The visual theme of my blog came from a book of Brendon Burchard I had just read named The Charge. In it he references a speech given by John F. Kennedy. Kennedy talks about a British explorer named George Mallory, who was to die on Mount Everest. He was asked why he wanted to climb it and Mallory answered, “Because it is there.” Climbing Everest is one of the toughest climbs in the world. People are willing to risk their lives to get to the top for a brief moment of bliss that they get to observe the highest point on earth. For some people this climb happens away from Everest. They have other challenges in life that feel like a mountain to climb. In this we experience hopelessness, doubt, and fear, but I wanted to remind people that sometimes in order to reach fulfillment we have to go through a struggle.

Image: Stutter Stock
  Image: Brendon Burchard       “Push Aside Your Fear” 

Think about it. What mountain has there been in your life that felt like an impossible climb? What gave you the push to take your first step? It could be passing a class. Maybe it was making your rent. Getting out of an unhealthy relationship. My mountain was my adolescent behavior as a young teen. I made some life changing decisions that put me behind a fence for some time. Then I began to change my values. I learn that “pain is temporary. It may last for a minute, an hour, a day, or even a year. If I quit however it will last forever.” Think about your feelings when you made it to the top of your mountain? How did it feel for you???


Image: Courtesy of Sharlyn Lauby
Image: Courtesy of Sharlyn Lauby



Dreams Begin With You

Dreams…To reach them is possible. It is hard changing your life. It is hard work waking up in the morning. You have two choices. (1) We can hit snooze. (2) we can wake up and make our dreams a reality. I see people who follow the crowd and want to live the persons life they are following more than they want to live their own. They watch them. They study them. They spend so much time studying them that they know more about them than they know about themselves. Now is the time to invest in you.

One of the worlds best investors agrees.
One of the worlds best investors agrees. Check out this link for a nice relate-able story.


Success is not this out of reach illusion. Greatness in not this esoteric, Godlike object. In 2016 we know more about these subjects than we have ever known before. I challenge you to spend some time by yourself. To learn about yourself. To pick up a book. If you want to get on that next level of where you want to be I dare you to spend one day learning and investing in your mind. To leave it all out there and give you all you have. Right now you can’t get to that level you envision unless you decide to be concerned with yourself. If you are still talking about your dream just take the first step. Tell yourself it is not over… Until I win! Live your dreams.

Note: These ideas are inspired by two of the world’s most well-known thoughts leaders and life coaches; Eric Thomas and Les Brown.

Blog Post One: Meet Brandon

Dear friends,

My name is Brandon and I think I am getting the hang of this. I am a Business Administration major with a concentration in Leadership, Management and Organization. I am receiving my degree through Eastern Oregon University. There are still lower division level classes that I still need to fulfill so to save money I am taking them at a community college. I am taking this class to both fulfill a writing requirement and to learn the art of technical writing. Before traditional college I completed barber college receiving licenses in Barbering, Hair Design, and Vocational Teaching. It was in the cosmetology industry that I first begin to recognize technical writing and use it to communicate to other barbers and industry companies.

My professional interest are in barbering and investment banking. Many of the task associated with the everyday barber are hands-on. However, for a barber instructor technical writing is essential for creating effective power-points and providing exposure for either your school or students through media outlets such as Facebook and Instagram. I am currently working with a local non-profit organization to open a tuition free barber college for youth seeking a higher education outside of traditional college. I would love to approach this project as a volunteer and pursue investment banking as a career. As you can imagine an investment banker or fund manager is contact  with many complicated concepts such as portfolio management and money. It is their job to take these concepts and make theme simplified in order to properly serve their clients. If they are not able to communicate these topics and explain the options their clients have than their client may make an ill informed or frankly bad decision when it comes to investing their money.

Image: Courtesy of Investment Cousel
The Investment Web                       Image: Courtesy of Investment Counsel  
The Barbers Web
The Barbers Web                       Image: Courtesy of Milady Cosmetology

My first experience in Technical Writing was keeping a budget for myself and then using it for Accounting. Learning the system was very difficult but makes work easier once you know how to use the system. A major part of financial and managerial accounting is a balance sheet and financial statement. These sheets give a glimpse into the financial position of the business as a whole. To communicate these numbers for outside groups such as investors one needs use technical writing in graphs and statements.

As you can see both barbers and investment bankers use technical writing to effectively communicate ideas and content. Now I got a question for you… I have worked in the hair design barber industry for about five years now and we used many forms of creative design and advertising. Some of which involved putting designs of faces or words literally on the backs of people’s heads.


Images: Rob the Original Note: the site talks about the art in barbering. Very interesting.

Barber Creates Detailed Hair Art of Spider-Man, Steve Jobs, Tetris and More


Doesn’t this image make you want to play Tetris? Could this count as Technical Writing?